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See our Ladder Hoist working in London at various locations

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Truck Mounted Hoist Step-by-Step set up



In recent years we identified a need within the removals industry for a safe and efficient system of raising furniture to upper floor levels.

With the introduction of the machinery shown here, we have become the country’s leading provider of External Elevators.

We continually review our service to ensure we adapt to our customers’ changing needs, and are committed to solving your access problems in a professional and friendly way.

To experience the benefits of our equipment, include RPH in your next move.

1 - Truck Mounted

  • 1st – 10th floor (3m - 30m)
  • 300kg – 400kg Lifting capacity
  • Installed in 15 minutes
  • Supplied with trained operator

2 - Trailer Mounted

  • 1st – 7th floor (3m – 25m)
  • 400kg Lifting capacity
  • Supplied with a trained operator
  • Petrol operated

3 - Junior Trailer Mounted

  • 1st – 5th floor (3m – 21m)
  • 200kg lifting capacity
  • With or without an operator
  • Slide in axle to create 3 foot width (890mm)

4 - 240v Demountable

  • 1st – 5th floor (3m – 18m) subject to site survey
  • 200kg lifting capacity
  • Operates on grassed areas
  • Fits through doorways as it is made up in sections

5 - The Platform

The platform spreads out to 2700mm x 1465mm, but these dimensions can be exceeded by the item to be loaded.


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