RPH - Furniture Hoist - The Platform


The Truck Mounted Elevator is self-sufficient in terms of power supply. It has a maximum lifting capacity of 400kg, a hoisting speed of 50m/minute and will extend to a height of 35 metres. The platform spreads out to 2700 x 1465mm, but these dimensions can be exceeded by the item to be loaded, as long as the load is secure and safe.

  1. The loading platform rotates for ease of use. Long items can be loaded directly through a window or doorway (figure 2).

  2. When the platform reaches window level, it can be pulled towards the user to assist in off loading.

  3. All sides fold down independently, allowing various configurations. A secure box for small goods, a channel for long items, and a flat floor for larger goods. There are plenty of convenient tie-down points for complete safety (figure 3).

  4. The load can be precisely levelled with the adjustable legs.

  5. The carriage wheels are made from industrial nylon for smooth running.

  6. The winching mechanism is electronically controlled, with soft start, normal travel and automatic soft stop.

  7. A control box on the top section allows the platform to be lowered to ground level.

  8. The telescopic ladder sections give a large height range.

  9. Pneumatic wheels protect the building. These can be ex-tended for stability or to straddle larger openings.

  10. The platform can be stopped at different heights to assist in loading and off loading at ground level. (figure 1).



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