RPH - Construction Hoist - Pro-ramp

The Pro-ramp system, unique and purpose designed in-house by RPH, facilitates fast installation of freshly extruded roof sheet as it exits the on-site roll forming unit.

The Pro-ramp system works in conjunction with our Bocker Trailer Mounted Elevators and a set of 'U' sectioned roller trays. As the roof sheet exits the roll forming unit it is immediately guided by the similarly shaped tray and therefore slides up the ramp and onto the roof. There, it can be easily manhandled into its final required position.

The Pro-ramp system is now well proven amongst large roofing contractors, particularly popular because it can be easily repositioned on-site and vehicle access (to the building) can be maintained whilst the roll forming is in progress.

This system is very cost effective and efficient when compared to other methods previously used, such as the utilisation of a crane or installation of scaffold. The fact that this arrangement has been used on new build projects right across Britain, is testimony to its versatility.


Step 1
Drum of roof sheet material is loaded onto the roll forming unit.

Step 2
Roof sheet material is mechanically sent through the roll forming unit and exits as…

Step 3
a fully profiled roof sheet.

Step 4
Immediately as the sheet exits, it is supported by the Pro-ramp and guided by the purpose made tray system. It begins to travel up and onto the roof.

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