RPH - Construction Hoist - Gedalift

The Gedalift ladder type elevator is German built and has proved to be very popular on smaller building and roofing contracts. It can be installed up to heights as high as 15m and does not require the use of scaffold to attach to.

Available with 110v, 240v, or petrol powered units and with a 150kg safe working load, it is ideal for rolls of felt, tiles, slates, insulation packs, plasterboard and other materials, as well as carrying waste materials down safely.

Can be constructed to run past the eaves right up to the roof top for efficient labour saving handling of materials.

Key Benefits:

  • No scaffolding required
  • Lifting speed 20m/min
  • Sheet carrier for longer roofing sheets up to 4m
  • Tip skip carrier for loose bulk materials, e.g. basement excavations, floor screed
  • All components are portable so they can be carried through a standard doorway allowing the elevator to be set up in areas that would otherwise be inaccessible e.g. courtyards
  • Limit switch built in for safe operation
  • Interlocking barrier set available to comply with Health and Safety regulations
  • All carrier options are interchangeable.

This carrier is used where a horizontal platform is required e.g. for buckets of bitumen. Other materials such as felt and bricks can also be carried. It is not suitable for sheet materials.

This carrier is ideal where there is a parapet wall or roof edge protection system surrounding a roof as the platform is not used with the bend section and therefore the platform stops level with the delivery point.

This in turn means that the hoist can be installed without obstructing the scaffold lift walkway and existing scaffold does not need to be altered.

Bend Section

Materials can be brought right on to the roof for safe off-loading with the inclusion of the bend section. With the use of more than one bend, a continuing hoist can be formed to cross a flat roof and hoist up to a second level.

With the use of the bend section materials can be transported right up to the 'Roof Ridge' when slating or tiling a roof for example. This allows both faces of the roof to be loaded out, particularly suitable where one side of a roof cannot be accessed.

Universal Platform

A general purpose platform with hinged side guards. Suitable for bricks, tiles, slates, felt and bagged materials. With side guards opened, it is suitable for carrying larger items such as bitumen boilers and sheet materials. For large quantities of sheet materials, it is best to use one of the purpose designed sheet carriers.


Tipping Skips

The Automatic Tipping Skip is compatible with the Gedalift Elevator. It is easily loaded (or unloaded) at ground level and automatically tips and discharges at the top of the elevator.

Standard sheet materials Carrier

Designed for plasterboard, plywood, and roofing sheets. It is suitable for off-loading through a standard scaffold construction due to the direction of the sheet. Where the sheet length exceeds 3m we would recommend the transverse sheet carrier.

Transverse Sheet Carrier

An ideal carrier for the hoisting of roof sheets up to 6m long. Loading and unloading are made easier as it is possible to have a person at either end of the sheet.

Bucket Carrier

If you require a bend on the Geda lift and need to take up liquid materials this adaption can be added to a standard universal platform to facilitate this.

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