RPH - Construction Hoist - Geda Maxi 120S - Scaffold Hoist

The Geda Maxi 120S is mounted at the bottom of the scaffold and the swivel arm and pulley are fitted to the scaffold at the required height.

With an incredibly fast hoisting speed of 60m/min it lends itself to certain tasks (e.g. lifting hot asphalt) but has the option of running slower at 20m/min.

All of the carrying devices available to the Geda Star 150 are compatible with the Geda Maxi 120S, together with a maximum lifting height of either 40m or 76m*.

Key Benefits:

  • Rapid lifting speed 60m/min
  • Two speed winch unit 20m/min allows for slower operations
  • Load capacity 120kg
  • Compact and quick to install
  • Maximum height 76m*.

* Normal max height 40m but can be increased by relocating the winch unit to a higher level.

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