RPH - Construction Hoist - Carrier Options

1. Tipping Container

This is a general purpose container for carrying loose material. With a 150kg capacity and quick release mechanism for fast discharge of materials. Sizes available for Tipping Container: 65 ltr / 150kg, and 150 ltr / 250kg. Dimensions: D350 x H410 x W500mm.

2. Bucket Hanger

A simple device that attaches to the hoist hook. Capable of carrying two buckets.

3. Delivery Cage

A very versatile unit designed for the purpose of lifting volumes of materials such as tiles and bricks although not limited to such. This cage has a pallet base which can be disengaged from the cage to allow for fast loading and unloading. Dimensions: D660 x H550 x W1000mm.

4. Lift Barrow

Keep moving with this purpose made mobile carrier. It is safer and quicker than conventional barrow chains as the handles swivel up for lifting, without snagging on the scaffold. When landed, swivel down handles and wheel directly to the job without double handling.

5. Webbing Slings

Ideal for securing bulky loads of long lengths of material. Webbing slings are available in a number of different lengths.


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