RPH - Construction Hoist - Bocker Trailer Mounted

This versatile elevator has many advantages compared with conventional hoists.

The trailer mounted elevator can be installed without the use of scaffold enabling the project to commence without the delay and expense of installing scaffolding.

This elevator has a substantial lifting capacity of up to 270kg S.W.L. and can reach up to 35m.

Being mechanically erected, the elevator is quick to install, drastically reducing installation cost. This also means it can be repositioned quickly on site to a more convenient position as work progresses.

Available with petrol, diesel or electric units, a fast hoisting speed and a variety of carriers, it is the answer for many roofing situations.

Key Benefits:

  • No scaffolding required
  • Height range from 5m-35m
  • 200-270kg weight capacity
  • Petrol, diesel or electric power options
  • Quick to install
  • Easily repositioned.

Universal Platform

A general purpose platform with hinged side guards. Suitable for carrying general roofing materials such as tiles, slates, felt and bricks. With the hinged side guards down it is capable of carrying much larger items such as insulation and general sheet materials (W2090mm x D670mm x H450mm).


Transverse Sheet Carrier

This carrier attachment allows very long sheets to be transported safely to the roof edge. The very nature of this design means that loading and unloading of this carrier is undertaken simply and safely with one person at either end of the sheet.


Standard Sheet Carrier

Particularly suitable for plasterboard and other similar sized sheet materials, it can however be used for roofing sheets up to approximately 3m. For sheets longer than this we would recommend the transverse sheet carrier.

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